Growing up in Texas our weekly treat was always dinner at the local Mexican resturant. Now, don't think for a second that I'm claiming that it was authentic. It was not. It was Tex-Mex. 

Tex-Mex is a pretty unique thing and Tejano food even more so. Blending the flavors and ingredients of Northern Mexico with hints of other immigrants like the Germans who brought what we now think of as BBQ to the state and Vietnamese that fled their war torn lives to settle in South Texas in the late 70's. Tejano cuisine is a perfect example of the melting pot of this country. Like so much of American cuisine it is adapted from the food of immigrants.

At burroBURRO you can experience global flavors all in a familiar setting.  We offer a truly one of a kind dining experience that is both elegant but casual. Both familiar and exotic. Flavors you can only find in Incline Village.


What's a Tejano Food you ask? Our It's a blend of all the flavors of Mexico with the flavors of the Texas Hill Country. Ancient dishes served alongside the food of immigrants and reflecting the long and winding history of the region. From the natives that occuped the land for millenia to the Spanish who settled to the area to the French, German and the Vietnamese. They all called Texas home and their contribution to our cuisine is reflected in all of our food.


What's a tequilaria? Well, imagine a vast selection of premium spirits thoughtfully prepared and served with creativity and care. Margaritas, paloma's and so so much more. Boutique tequila and mezcal respectfully served and not simply just poured into a shot glass. We offer an experience as well as a well crafted cocktail.


Texas is the home of the frozen margarita and we serve ours propper. The perfect balance of sweet and tart and the perfect accompaniment to a Tex-Mex meal. Of course you can get them on the rocks as well and they won't disappoint.

Handcrafted cocktails of premium spirits, house infused liqueurs, fresh squeezed juices all assembled artfully to perfectly compliment your meal of world class Latin inspired dishes. Our creative approach to coktails include the use of specialty fruits, juiced fresh daily, infusions of spirits that create something unlike anything else and we think you'll love them.




DINING INSPIRED BY THE TEXAS HILL COUNTRY & all the people that have called it home





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